Superintendent’s Corner

    A look at what happened at the regular meeting of the Board of Education...

    Thursday, November 19, 2020

    Note: This meeting was held in-person at 245 State Road N in the Adell Library Media Center. Unless otherwise indicated, all future board meetings will continue to be held in-person.Board members will be seated so as to allow for social-distancing. Anyone wishing to attend a board meeting is encouraged to contact the district office in advance (at 573-363-5909 Option 3). Please call ahead to ensure the district has time to make plans to provide adequate social distancing for the safety of everyone in attendance.

    The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM by President Michael Parrack. Vice President Byron Willis, Secretary Stacy Trusty, Treasurer Jim Wehmeyer and members Scott Gould, Cheri Nations and Sara Stoufer were in attendance. No one from the public was present. 

    Consent Agenda

    The consent agenda was approved which included the Treasurer's Report, October Minutes, as well as the bills, payroll and withholdings in the amount of $300,689.60. The December board meeting is set for the 16th at 5:30 PM in the Adell Library Media Center.

    Superintendent's Report

    In addition to a cash flow report, Dr. Phillips highlighted the following:

    - Winterizing of equipment and firing up boiler system– complete

    -Replaced Turbo in bus # 25 (2015)

    -Thank you to the Idiots’ Club for always supporting students! Thank you to the club and Home Depot for recently helping students who experienced damage from a recent microburst! 

    -Thank you to the Greenview Elks and an anonymous donor for providing 21 families with a complete Thanksgiving meal!

    - Dr. Phillips shared the following information regarding signing up for the April 6, 2020 School Board Elections:

    -Two 3-year terms

    -Sign-ups are from Tuesday, December 15, 2020 at 8 AM to Tuesday, January 19, 2021 at 5:00 PM.

    -May file at the Macks creek R-V District office at 245 State Road N, Macks Creek MO.

    -Terms rotate according to a 2 – 3 – 2 Schedule

    -Must be Macks Creek R-V School District residents, at least 24 years of age, have paid all state and local taxes by the close of filing, and no felonies.

    -County Cares funding – $131,966.79

    -COVID-19 Update:

    Elementary– 4 cases YTD w/ 0 active

    Middle/High– 5 cases YTD w/ 0 active

    Staff Totals (Pre-K-12) – 2 YTD & 0 active

    Student Totals – 9 YTD with 2 active

    Students in Quarantine – 0

    Staff in Quarantine – 0

    -Dr. Phillips highlighted a new search engine that will soon be available on the district’s website to make searching for policies and regulations much easier.

    New Business

    A. The board adopted Policy 6180 regarding English Language Learners and Regulation 6190 regarding Virtual Instruction. The new regulations relative to virtual education may be viewed here: https://5il.co/na28

     B. The board authorized Sentry Financial and Gilmore & Bell, P.C.’s to refinance the district’s Series 2015 Tax Exempt Bonds

    C. The board reviewed the district’s COVID-19 Emergency Operating Plan (EOP). When Governor Parson recently announced an option for schools to not quarantine close contacts for 14 days, Dr. Phillips sent out information and a survey for parents/guardians to consider.  The letter and survey may be accessed via the following link: https://5il.co/n27b.  Parents/Guardians who have not provided input may still respond to the survey. Please email Dr. Phillips at jphillips@mackscreekpirates.org if you have trouble accessing it. The board reviewed the results of the survey and will continue to discuss the EOP as a part of old business each month.  The board is grateful to the 53 parents/guardians who responded and provided feedback.  At this juncture, 31 parents (58.5%) are in favor of wearing masks to eliminate the 14-quarantine period for students and 22 (41.5%) are not. The board also discussed the safety measures in place for home basketball games.  Please note, the board continues to closely monitor the impact of COVID-19 upon our school and may update the EOP plan at any time. At present, with the multitude of safety measures in place, the district has 0 active cases and 0 students in quarantine. As such, the board did not take any action to change or update the EOP at this juncture.  The complete plan is available here: https://5il.co/kcpc, and the plan for athletic activities is available here: https://5il.co/kcp6. The board is grateful to our school community for working hard to stay safe and keep our students in school!

    D. The principals presented their report to the school board.  Please visit the following link to view the complete report from Dr. Phillips and Dr. Kolwyck: https://5il.co/nc9c.

    E. The board did not enter into a closed session and the meeting was adjourned a 7:07 PM.

    The Macks Creek R-V School Board Members sat for a photo during the July regular board meeting. From top left to right: Michael Parrack, Byron Willis, Jim Wehmeyer and Scott Gould. From bottom left to right: Stacy Trusty, Cheri Nations and Sara Stoufer.

        Mission Statement

        Inspiring Success: Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day!