Superintendent's Corner 

    A look at what happened at the regular meeting of the board of education… 

    Tuesday, October 22, 2019

        The meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM by President Josh Kingston.

        The board was led in the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance by 4 members of the Macks Creek FFA. Kobe Wirths, Daysha Brooks, Jordan Leach and Makenna Campbell presented a brief report regarding the group’s activities so far this school year. These activities included a getting-to-know-each-other event called Water Wars, FFA National Officer Presentation held at Climax Springs, Officer Training in California, MO, a Greenhand Motivational Conference, the construction of a duck blind, and the sale of mums for fundraising. The group also discussed the upcoming FFA National Conference in Indianapolis. Six of our students will travel to the conference next week. Below are photos the group shared with the board:

        Macks Creek Students attended a presentation by a National FFA Officer hosted at Climax Springs

        A duck blind constructed by FFA members for a local patron.

        Consent Agenda

        The consent agenda was approved which included the Treasurer's Report and September Minutes, as well as the bills, payroll and withholdings in the amount of $430,038.76.  Dr. Phillips highlighted a few bills which totaled $121,643.14. The district spent $32,548 for Chromebooks, $63,095.14 to upgrade the district’s Wireless Internet and place an access point in every single classroom, and $26,000 to add two new basketball hoops to the main gym. Dr. Phillips reported the district received $43,022.66 in reimbursement through a federal grant program called eRate to offset the expense of the Wireless Upgrades. He also shared the Macks Creek PTO pledged $10,000.00 to help with the purchase of Chromebooks. The November board meeting was set for Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 5:30 PM in the Adell Library Media Center. No public comment was given.

        Superintendent's Report

        Dr. Josh Phillips highlighted the following:

        -A Financial Report

        -The district office is shopping for a new financial software program for payroll and accounts payable.The current program will not be supported after June 30,2020.

        -The online Pirate Store, which was made possible through the district’s new agreement with BSN Sports will be open shortly.The board previewed many of the products that patrons may order at any time.Part of the profits from the sales will help offset the cost of new uniforms for Macks Creek Athletes each year.

        -Dr. Phillips also highlighted financial reports that are now available for public viewing on the district’s website under the District tab.

        New Business

        A. The administrative team guided the board through the district’s Annual Performance Report. Below are outlines of the slides shared during the presentation:

        About the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP)

      • The Missouri School Improvement Program is used to distinguish the performance of
      • schools and districts in valid, accurate and meaningful ways so that districts in need of

        improvement can receive appropriate support and interventions.

      • MSIP (pronounced EM-sip) is the state’s accountability system for school districts.
      • Established in 1990, MSIP is now in its fifth generation. The system has evolved from a

        focus solely on inputs -such as numbers of library books - to a focus on student


      • The MSIP 5 Performance Standards are designed to recognize the achievement and growth
      • of all Missouri students and are used as the basis of the Annual Performance Report (APR).
      • The APR is used to assist the State Board of Education in determining the accreditation
      • level of a school district.

        Key Takeaways Regarding 2019 APR

        1. All APR data will continue to be published for all content and standards.

        2. The targets and expectations remain the same.

        3. The APR change allows districts and charters to focus on the student data rather than


        4. The APR allows districts and charters to better match their conversations to local context and priorities.

        APR Guiding Questions

      • What are area(s) of strength/celebration?
      • What area(s) need our focus for improvement?
      • How did we compare to our expectations for student growth?
      • What might be impacting our data that we do not see?
      • Is our CSIP/Strategic Plan focused on the right areas?
      •                 What does Growth mean?

      • Growth measures the change in achievement scores for individual students over time.
      • Another way to look at growth is to ask “are individual students making achievement gains
      • over time?”
      • Growth Labels:
      • – Floor (Below Expectations)

        – On Track (Meeting Expectations)

        – Exceeding (Exceeding Expectations)

                             What does Status mean?

        -Status reflects a measurement of a school’s level of achievement based upon a three-year average of performance.

        -Ask: “Are all students achieving at high levels at this point in time?”

        -This can be thought of as: “How high are the scores?” or “How high is the graduation rate?”

                      What does Progress mean?

      • Progress indicates a measurement of annual improvement on MAP assessments. This measure is expressed as a percentage of improvement or a percentage of progress toward
      • a goal.
      • Ask: “Is the school, district or charter making improvements over prior years?”
      • Calculations for Academic and Subgroup Achievement represent progress toward all students being either proficient or advanced.
      • Labels:
      • – Floor (Less than 1% improvement)

        – Approaching (1% - 2.99% improvement)

        – On Track (3% - 4.99% improvement)

        – Exceeding (5%+ improvement)

                              Additional Notes

      • For English language arts and mathematics in Standard 1 Academic Achievement and Standard 2 Subgroup Achievement of the APR, results will be reported in all three categories (Growth, Status and Progress).
      • Science, once available, will be reported in Status and Progress only (no Growth).
      • There will be no results reported in social studies, as 2019 was a field test only.
      • For Standard 3 College and Career Readiness/High School Readiness, Standard 4
      • Attendance and Standard 5 Graduation Rate, information will be reported for both Status and Progress.
      • Summary Reports will provide the district or charter data in comparison to the state average.
      • The admin team presented various handouts that included specific sets of data available through the following link: https://apps.dese.mo.gov/MCDS/home.aspx?categoryid=14&view=2

        For a succinct summary of the district’s performance on the APR please utilize the following link to a News story on our website:


        B. The Principal highlighted the following in their report:

        Pirate Pride/Elks Lodge Award Winners

        Skit on Responsibility written and performed for the elementary student body by Mrs. Allen’s Class


        Elementary – PK - 6

        -Enrollment – 181, up 5

        -September Attendance – 96.41%

        -90/90 - 96.76%

        Middle School/High School- Grades 7-12

        -Enrollment – 151 up 6 from same time last year

        -1st quarter attendance percentage: 95.97% down from 96.55% last year

        -33 students with perfect attendance down from 37 last year

        -90/90 – 89% (91.25% last year)


        The elementary reported 9 discipline office referrals.Seven were for insubordination, 1 for vandalism and one for disruption.

        The middle/high school has 153 office referrals since the beginning of the school year.This compares to 137 at this time last year.

        Upcoming Events

        -October 22nd and 24th – Parent Teacher Conferences

        -November 6th – Science Olympiad

        -November 6th – Prevention Day

        -November 11th – Veterans Day

        The board met in closed session.

        The board accepted retirement letters from Ms. Kendra Purtle and Mrs. Barbara Whitworth.

        Ms. Purtle, who has served our district as a high school English teacher will begin her retirement after this school year has ended.She shared “I am glad to have been part of so many lives in this area, and I have been afforded a beautiful experience. So many folks have made my time worthwhile!”The district is grateful to Ms. Purtle for 26 years of dedicated service and wishes her the best in retirement!

        Mrs. Barbara Whitworth has served our district for over 20 years as our MS/HS Spanish teacher and Speech Facilitator. She will also begin her retirement after this school year has ended. Mrs. Whitworth shared: “I want to thank everyone for allowing me to teach the most interesting subject in the whole school and everything you have done for me, as it has been a pleasure working as part of your school.” Our district is grateful to Señora Whitworth and wishes her “el mejor del vida” in her retirement!

        The meeting was adjourned at 7:21 PM.

        Mission Statement

        Inspiring Success: Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day!