CDE Competition

Macks Creek FFA members have been busy competing in Career Development Events known as CDEs. These contests help members to improve skills that they will use to succeed in their careers. So far this Spring, our students have competed in agronomy, forestry, livestock, and nursery-landscape competitions in Eldon, Marshall and Jefferson City.

The agronomy competition challenges students to build and demonstrate knowledge in the wide field of agronomy. Participation grants students exposure to many ways that science and technology collaborate to grow the world's major food crops. The forestry competition requires students to demonstrate their skills in diagnosing forest disorders, managing forests and forest inventory and applying approved silviculture practices. As a part of the livestock competition, students compete against each other to judge cattle, hogs, sheep and goats. The nursery landscape contest consists of plant identification, plant disorders, a general knowledge exam and landscape design problems which involves a great deal of mathematical computation.

Twelve Macks Creek FFA students traveled to Marshall Missouri to participate in the Marshall FFA Alumni Contest Day.  In Livestock, we had 9 students judging. Only the top 4 scoring students' scores are counted. Morgan Buck, Kassidy Campbell, Lowell Charlton, and Ty Glawson had the 4 highest for Macks Creek and placed 5th out of 33 teams. All four of these students, as well as Wyatt Brooks and Trenton Arnold, scored proficient. Two of our students also earned individual honors. Lowell placed 10th high individual and Morgan placed 21st high individual out of a field of 120 student judges! 

 Also, at Marshall, in Nursery Landscape we had two students compete which wasn’t enough to be scored as a team. Hunter Cullen scored proficient and ranked as 29th highest of 63 contestants. Kassidy, Ty, Trenton, and Morgan competed in livestock at Eldon where the team placed 11th out of 24 teams. They learned a lot and shared with fellow students. Marshall was the first experience for all of our other students.  

Chase Christian, Nick Hicks, Leanna Tower, Ashlee Klinksick, Owyn Charlton, Ty and Trenton traveled to Lincoln University in Jefferson City. Our agronomy team placed 7th in a field of 10 teams, our forestry team took 9th of 13 teams and our livestock team placed 13th out of 20 teams. Owyn was ranked 42nd out of 94 individuals and scored proficient in Livestock. On the Forestry side, Leanna was ranked 8th of 39 students and also scored proficient.

Macks Creek School is proud of our students who spend time studying and practicing to prepare for CDE Competitions. These events are designed to help them become successful in their future careers. Keep working hard FFA students and good luck at your future competitions!