MS Boys Track
The Middle School Track team competed at the Buffalo Invitational this evening. Everyone performed well and the team captured some gold, silver and broze medals. Here are the results:

Madi Moos: 3.09m in Long jump & 17.73 in the 100m dash

Izabella Wiley: 15.4 in the 100m dash & 32.28 in the 200m dash (PR)

Taelor Osborne: 16.12 in the 100m dash & 33.02 in the 200m dash

Eli Charlton: 11.52m in  the Shot Put (1st place overall) & 21m in  the discus

Calvin Eidson: 1:13 in 400m dash & 9.63m in shot put

Preston Stephens: 1:06 in 400m dash & 28.58 in the 200m dash

Kevin Bowman: 14.57 in the 100m dash & 29.44 in the 200m dash (PR)

Sebastian Sanchez: 13.53 in the 100m dash, 28.06 in the 200m dash (2nd overall) & 1:00 in the 400m dash (1st overall)

Weston Martineau: 13.52 in the 100m dash (3rd overall) and 27.55 in the 200m dash (1st overall)

Zane Brooks: 1:15 in the 400m dash & 3:11 in the 800m dash

Great job Middle School track athletes! #MCPirates