7th Place!
Middle school students from around the state have gathered at the inaugural MS Track & Field Championship meet at Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar today. At this invitational event, our athletes are performing well. This article will be updated as the meet progresses. Please check back for updates. Here are results so far:

Kevin Bowman -  4.30 meters in the long jump

Izabella Willey -  14.97 in the 100 meter dash

Sebastian Sanchez -  13.03 in the 100 meter dash

Weston Martineau - 13.22 in the 100 meter dash

Eli Charlton threw 26.81m in discus.

Madi Moos jumped 3.1 meters in the Long jump.

Weston jumped 4.21 meters in the Long jump.

Preston Stephens, Kevin Bowman, Eli Charlton, Sebastian Sanchez ran a 1:53 in the 4x200 and took 7th place in the small schools division. Congratulations on earning a spot on the medal stand!

Izabella Willey ran impressive  1:19 in 400 meter open!

Sebastian took fifth place in the 400 meter open with a time 1:00. Congrats on getting back on the medal stand Sebastian! He also ran in the 200, finishing with a 27 15. 

Izabella had a busy day and finished the meet strong with a PR of 31.39 in the 200 meter dash. 

Eli took 8th in the shot put with a throw of 11.1 meters!

Great job at today's championships MS track athletes and thank you for all your hard work this season!!