Macks Creek High School Sophomores and Juniors had an interesting opportunity to learn about anatomy and physiology in a real life setting. Well, not everyone was alive, as they viewed cadavers at Saint Louis University (SLU)! Students got to see what happens to the human heart when an individual has a heart attack and when a person has heart failure. Students also saw what a pacemaker looks attached to a heart. Additionally, the group viewed human brains to see the results of a stroke. Students were guided by two medical students through several demonstrations. One cadaver had stage four ovarian cancer and students were able to observe the cancerous mass. 

All the students really enjoyed the experience  and were excited to see all the inner parts of the human body.  After visting SLU,  the group spent time at St. Louis Zoo before returning home.  Macks Creek School would like to thank our high school science teacher, Mr. Justin Allen for making this unique opportunity a possibility for our students. It really made science come alive for our students...well sort of! 

This is the auditorium where medical students and doctors attend lectures to view actual procedures while they are being performed. 

Here is another view of the facility. 

Student pose for a quick photo at the St. Louis Zoo.