The Class of 1973

The Macks Creek Alumni Association hosted the 65th Annual Banquet this past Saturday. This year’s banquet featured special recognition and honor of the 1973 graduates. Additionally, the graduates of the Class of 2023 were recognized along with the classes of 2013 (10th year), 2003 (20th), 1998 (25th), 1993 (30th), 1983 (40th), 1963 (60th) and 1953 (70th).

Members of the Class of 1973 shared many fun stories!

In addition to a variety of other traditional festivities, the Alumni honored Teachers of the Year and inducted a new member into the Hall of Fame. Mrs. Laurie Jones was selected as Elementary Teacher of the Year and Mr. Lee Dobbs was selected as the High School Teacher of the Year. Lastly, Mr. Carl Coffey was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Biographies for Laurie, Lee and Carl are below:

Elementary Teacher-of-the-Year 

Laurie Jones received her Masters in Teaching from Chapman University in Southern California. She has taught K, 1st and 2nd grades over the past 24 years and moved to Missouri in 2020 to continue teaching here at Macks Creek beginning the 2022-23 year. She is looking forward to many more years as a Pirate. She teaches 1st grade and is Head Coach for Varsity Softball here at Macks Creek. Laurie has two children, her eldest is her son, Mr. Jones, who is our High School Counselor and her daughter, Sara, who has recently received her doctorate in physical therapy. She will be celebrating her 33rd wedding anniversary this year with her husband, Marvin. In her spare time, she enjoys baking, scrapbooking, working with her husband on their property and spending time with her family fishing, kayaking and hiking. Elementary Principal, Dr. Phillips shared, "Mrs. Jones creates an environment of love and learning within her classroom. Her students are given multiple opportunities to achieve success in fun, creative ways. Her classroom and the atmosphere she creates allow students to grow and develop at their own unique pace."

High School Teacher-of-the-Year

Lee Dobbs has been part of the Macks Creek School district for 28 years. He began as a teaching assistant in the lone kindergarten class during the 95/96 school year and he has refused to leave since that time. When he first walked into the school building for his interview with Mrs Edwards, he could not believe how small the district was as his graduating class had been larger than the entire district. However, Lee quickly fell in love with the entire experience and he realized that he had found what and where he needed to be. Lee holds two undergraduate degrees, Education and Philosophy, both from Missouri State University. In 2002, Lee became the Junior High English teacher for 7 years before moving to elementary briefly. Eventually, Lee Dobbs settled into his role of Success Coordinator, a role he has been performing for more years than he can remember. Lee has lived as a member of the Macks Creek community for 25 years and, along with his wife, Elizabeth, considers this his home. Lee tends to enjoy a quiet lifestyle when he is not at school, hanging out with and caring for his dogs and doing mundane yard work. His children are all grown and doing well and the grandchildren have begun arriving. Macks Creek Secondary Principal Jason Trusty added, “Mr. Dobbs has been a member of the Macks Creek family for his entire career. He has served in many roles within our school community and he is a very valued member of our staff. His ability to connect and communicate with the kids really helps in the different areas that he is a part of in our school.”

65th Annual Hall of Fame Inductee

Mr. Carl Coffey was inducted into the Macks Creek School Hall of Fame at this year’s 65th annual Alumni Banquet. Carl was born in 1944 to Shelby and Pebble Coffey. He attended all twelve years of school at Macks Creek and graduated in 1962. A month after graduating he married Betty Charlton. In 1966 the family moved to Odessa, MO. Carl worked at Lake City Arsenal, Independence, MO in various positions for five years.  He then returned to Macks Creek where he worked in the community at various businesses such as Ozark Crafts Cedar Novelties, the gas station at the Y junction (not Bates) and also a bus driver for Macks Creek beginning in 1972. He and Betty had four children who all attended and graduated from Macks Creek. They have seven grandchildren and sixteen great grandchildren. 

Carl enjoys farming, working in the hayfields, lawn mowing, music, classic vehicles, and spending time with family and friends. He is an active member of Parrack Grove Missionary Baptist Church where he serves as a Deacon and enjoys leading song services of gospel hymns.

Carl has faithfully driven the bus for Macks Creek for over 30 years. He is passionate about cheering for the Macks Creek Lady Pirates and Pirates and in addition to driving a bus route each day, always volunteers to drive the ball teams to their games in the evenings. Carl has logged thousands of miles and stayed up late on countless nights. He also keeps the sharpest looking bus in the Macks Creek fleet, cleaning and washing his bus routinely. Macks Creek is grateful to Carl for safety transporting our most precious cargo year after year! Congratulations Carl on your induction to the Alumni Hall of Fame! We are grateful for your service to Macks Creek School and our entire community! 

Additional Recognition

After Carl's induction, first time attendees, those traveling the greatest distance, the oldest graduate, Macks Creek School teachers past and present, and past and present school board members were all recognized. This year the oldest graduate in attendance was Norma Edwards Houston. Norma, from the Class of 1943, celebrated her 80th year since she graduated Macks Creek School! Lastly, a moment of silence was held for deceased alumni and veterans. 

In the photo above, Alumni Association President Darren Moulder is with Norma Edwards Houston (Class of 1943)

Alumni listened to various presentations during the banquet.

The Alumni are grateful for everyone who was able to attend this year’s banquet to make it a tremendous success! Alumni Association President, Mr. Darren Moulder wishes to invite all alumni to mark their calendars to plan to attend next year’s banquet which will be June 29, 2024.