Pirate Pete
Macks Creek Students will return to school on Monday, August 23rd! Here is a link to the school supply list for grades K - 6: https://5il.co/w8e3. Our hardworking PTO is providing the majority of school supplies for students in grades K - 12, with the exception of the items on the list. Our PTO will provide all of the essentials for Middle and High School students. However, students may wish to purchase their own backpack or supplies beyond the essentials. Middle and High School students are also asked to please bring a single box of tissues to their first hour class and should provide their own set of headphones that are not Bluetooth capable.  These "low tech" headphones may be used to plug into each student's school-supplied Chromebook. The Child Advocacy Council will host an annual Back-To-School Fair for any students in grades PK - 12 who need assistance with school supplies. The event is August 6th from 2 - 6 PM at Camdenton High School. To learn more, please use the following link: https://5il.co/w89m. If anyone is unable to attend the fair and needs help purchasing any school supplies, please don't hesitate to reach out to a building principal or our counselor. We are here to help! It is a great day to be a Pirate! #MCPirates