Macks Cree

The 2022 Macks Creek Math Bowl participants had a great showing last night at Weaubleau.  There were twenty-one students that participated for the Pirates. Out of the twenty-one students, there were ten students that placed to contribute to the point total for each team. Still being fairly new to this competition, our goal is to improve every year and compete a little more. The Pirate students have not failed at this endeavor. Every math bowl competition, both the Middle School and High School Teams have improved. This year, both teams were 4th out of the nine schools in our PCL conference.

Students are asked to join the Math Bowl Team because they possess a wide range of math knowledge, a competitive spirit, the desire to learn and improve, and the ability to quickly recall information. They begin practicing in February by completing previous year’s tests that have been released. At Weaubleau, the students are put into groups based on the test that they are taking. The middle school students complete one test. The high school students complete two tests. They have twenty minutes to finish as many questions as they can accurately. The top 10 students place and are awarded points for their team’s total.

As math teachers, we could not be prouder of the accomplishments of these students. They worked hard around other sports and activities to give the competition their best shot! Our goal next year is to recruit more students to the team and continue to improve our showing. The sky is the limit for Pirate Students!!

The following students were awarded certificates for 3rd through 10th place and medals for 1st and 2nd as well as the points for their team:

7th Grade: Israel Husong-4th   Maddi Moos-5th

MS Math Bowl Placers

Algebra 1: Brooklyn Duggan-9th

Algebra 1 Word Problems: Lahnae Lewis-10th

Algebra 2: Paxten Breshears-6th  Trinity Husong-9th

Metric Geometry: Leanna Tower-2nd

Non-Metric Geometry: Leanna Tower-1st  Ashlee Klinksick-2nd  Aidyn Merchant-7th

HS Math Bowl Placers

Aidyn Merchant

Leanna Tower

Ashlee Klinksick

Paxten Breshears