FBLA Districts

Congratulations to our FBLA chapter and students! On February 1 Macks Creek FBLA traveled to the Cowan Civic Center in Lebanon for the FBLA District 11 contest. Students competed in a wide-variety of competitions and nine Macks Creek members placed high enough to qualify for the State FBLA contest on April 16-18. The following students placed and qualified in the following areas:

Chase Christian - Intro to Business Procedures (4th)

Paxten Breshears - Intro to Financial Math (4th) and Intro to IT (1st)

Brooklyn Duggan  -Intro to Marketing Concepts (4th)

Addie Ratliff - Intro to Parliamentary Procedures (1st), Intro to Business Communications (1st), and Journalism (1st)

Ashlee Klinksick - Insurance and Risk Management (3rd) 

Leanna Tower - Business Communications (3rd) and Personal Finance (5th)

Ashlee Klinksick and Leanna Tower - Graphic Design (2nd)

Caleb Phillips - Impromptu Speaking (1st), Political Science (4th), and Supply Chain Management (3rd)

India Willis - Intro to Business Procedures (4th)

Lowell Charlton - Securities and Investments (1st)